Trap Bar Deadlift

Also known as the HEX BAR DEADLIFT

Main Muscle(s) Worked: Quadriceps


Similar to the conventional Barbell Deadlift, be sure you:

1. Lower your hips > look forward & keep your chest up.

2. Extend hips & knees by driving power through your heels.

3. Lower the weight back and repeat movement.


CAUTION: ❌❌DO NOT round your back at any time❌❌


Is the Trap Bar Deadlift more back-friendly than the conventional deadlift?

Here are some benefits:

✅Less stress on the spine

✅More power (allows you to lift more weight)

✅Better for beginners

PROGLOVES, No Slip Grip for Lifting Heavy, training longer, reducing fatigue in forearms and fingertips
PROGLOVES : No Slip Grip

Recommended PROGLOVES Grip:

No Slip Grip

If you enjoy the conventional deadlift, read about it here.


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