Top 5 Reasons You Should Use PROGLOVES

1. Lift Heavier

We've all felt the pain of sore fingers and fatigued forearms when we try to up the weight a bit - and even though the target muscles are able to work, our fingers and forearms have already given up.

With the NO SLIP GRIP Technology of PROGLOVES, lifting is no longer a challenge of grip strength, allowing you to work those target muscle(s) to their full potential. You'd be surprised to know how much heavier you can go, if it weren't for your grip stopping you all this time.

The PROGLOVES were designed and made to make you lift heavier and train harder.

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2. Train Longer

If you are able to cut down and eliminate fatigue while training, this only means your body is able to last longer. Yes, we all know that it doesn’t matter how much time you spend at the gym, it’s more what you do when you’re there - but this is for those out there who don’t spend as much time checking their phones in between sets than they actually do training.

We’re talking about the “quality“ time spent lifting. In those 45 minutes, an hour or how much ever time you’re “actually” lifting, PROGLOVES can help you train longer, and go those extra reps.

3. All-in-1 Function + Save $

Push | Pull | Protect

The PROGLOVES combines the functions of conventional gloves, straps and wrist wraps - all in 1. How?

  • Finger Lock = Gloves (Push Exercises)

  • No Slip Grip = Straps (Pull Exercises)

  • Double Velcro Lock = Wrist Wraps (Protection)

Now you don’t have to “prepare“ different accessories for different days of the week. One pair and you’re good to go.

Most importantly, save the trouble and save your money from investing in so many different gloves.

4. Dam Durable

Admit it, you've gotten so excited buying a brand new pair of gloves after deciding that you're gonna get fit (again), but end up throwing them out because they couldn't stand a little rubbing and scrubbing with the iron.

PROGLOVES' main material is genuine leather - from the gloves itself to the hem. We want to make sure that your PROGLOVES goes through this crazy ride with you, since the beginning.

As we know it, genuine leather can be a bit 'stiff' initially but the more you use it, the softer it becomes.

The velcro we use isn't your average 1 cm wide velcro that comes apart every time you twist your wrists. Our Double Velcro Lock is a 1.5" wide, wrapping around your wrists twice, making sure they are fully supported and protected at all times.

5. No Sweat Stink

We've all gone through that dreadful feeling (we actually go through it every dam day) of putting on that slightly-damp, semi-smelly gloves before working out; planning to dry them off once we get home but they just sit in our gym bag through the night; and then repeat.

Unlike conventional gloves that go over your fingers, palms and wrist - accumulating all that sweat during your workout and in between sets, the PROGLOVES actually allow your hands to 'breathe'. No sweat build up, no sweat stink, and one happy gym rat.

There you have it, the Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Use PROGLOVES.

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