The NO SLIP GRIP: What is it?

Here's the breakdown of the NO SLIP GRIP. We're going to tell you everything you need to know,

The Pain Is Real

We've all felt the pain of sore fingers and fatigued forearms when we try to up the weight a bit - and even though the target muscles are able to work, our fingers and forearms have already given up.

Now What?

Using the NO SLIP GRIP of the PROGLOVES eliminates all of this - simply wrap PROGLOVES' Leather Pad around the bar/dumbbell/weight plate/kettlebell or any dam equipment, no need to grip firmly (just hold your hands in the gripping position without squeezing/gripping tight), and LIFT.

You'll also notice that you'll automatically have a cupped grip (thumb tucked to hand) reducing the chances of you having a forceful grip during the workout. For stability purposes, you can always use a thumbed grip, but you barely have to grip tight.

You can use PROGLOVES for Push Exercises as well?

The NO SLIP GRIP is very suitable for pull exercises - usually back & shoulder exercises and is yet so helpful for push exercises - chest, shoulder and arm exercises.

Take a dumbbell curl for example - one would think that wrapping the leather pad around the dumbbell would make no difference, but once you do, you can almost open your hands wide (which we don't recommend to do) while doing the curls. Less gripping, more focusing on target muscle(s).

What sort of equipment can you use the NO SLIP GRIP with?

NO SLIP GRIP can be used for free weights (barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell) and machines (all types of attachments - including the tricep rope).

PROGLOVES + Back Workouts:

  • Reduce forceful gripping

  • Reduce fatigue in forearms

  • Focus on back muscles working

  • No metal + skin friction

  • Less callus formation

PROGLOVES + Chest Workouts:

  • Allows for placement of bar on base of palm without slipping

  • Ensures straight wrist (proper form)

  • Reduce forceful gripping

  • Focus on chest muscles working

  • No metal + skin friction

  • Less callus formation

Next time you hit the gym, don't forget to use the NO SLIP GRIP - with free weights or machines, and you'll feel the difference.

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